About Clint


Clint Ewing is a freestyle rider based in Southern California. He took an interest in riding at an early age. After receiving a marketing degree from Sonoma State University in California, and despite opposition from career counselors, Clint decided to pursue freestyle riding as a full time career.

Clint’s riding career spans two decades. He currently rides for Kawasaki USA, Dunlop Tires, HJC Helmets, Law Tigers, and HtMoto. Clint will be headed out this year for his 5th National tour performing from coast to coast.

2008 Guinness World Record

Published, “A Freestyle Life”

5th National Tour – 25 motorcycle shops nationwide

Signed with Kawasaki USA 2016

To read more about Clint, pick up a copy of his book A Freestyle Life, available on Amazon.com

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