Clint Ewing is a freestyle rider based in Southern California. He took an interest in riding at an early age. After receiving a marketing degree from Sonoma State University in California, and despite opposition from career counselors, Clint decided to pursue freestyle riding as a full time career.

Clint’s riding career spans two decades. He currently rides for KTM USA, Law Tigers, RacingBros, PowerTRONIC, Accossato, Racetech and Competition Werkes. Clint’s accomplishments include the completion of several national tours across the United States, performances at MotoAmerica, NHRA, Sturgis, AMA Flat Tracks, Warped Tour and several TV appearances.

In 2008, Clint was awarded a Guinness World Record for the longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire. After losing his record to another rider, Clint decided to attempt the stunt again in 2012 nationally on CMT. Unfortunately, this time he was not so lucky. Various delays and technical issues caused the tunnel flames to become an inferno. As soon as Clint entered the tunnel, his helmet began to melt and he could no longer navigate his way through. He crashed through the tunnel wall and suffered 3rd degree burns – particularly on his hands and back. His riding career seemed to have come to an end. With extensive skin grafts and physical therapy for over a year, Clint came back stronger than ever with his first national stunt tour. Since then, he has been gone on tour each year and is currently in season for 2017.

When he isn’t riding, Clint enjoys reading, photography, going to the beach and spending time with his family.



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